Subota , March 25 2017
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o nama

Welcome to

We are a group of dedicated programmers who all have been coding in different languages for serveral years.

Mostly we our programs are coded in C# or Delphi. Međutim, for each hack and crack we’re analysing which language fits the project best and put our best coder in that certain language on the job.

We have been delivering some of the back game hacks and cracks around the world for soon to be 4 godine. With our wide experience there is almost nothing that we cant code. If its a popular game crack which was released yesterday or a game hack for a game which havent been hacked yet, we will find a way.

Thomas is one of the world greatest exploiters, and he will for sure find that exploit we need to use while building whatever you guys need! Feel free to contact us if u are looking for anything. This can be done at our Contact page.