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Crossy Road csal és csapkod

Hé srácok.

Recently our partner released a new hack.

Ez alkalommal is Crossy Road csapkod, amely lehetővé teszi, hogy létre korlátlan érmék, and even unlock the newest mascots. have been working on this for a few days before the release of the game mobile game.


In Crossy road you will have a little mascot, which can be nearly anything. There are many figures to choose, and its all up to you which one you want to use! Viszont, these mascots can be quite tricky to get your hands on, since its random which one you get while drawing your luck!


Crossy Road is all about addiction. How far can you get?

The indie company Hipster Whale and developers Andy Sum released this game on November 20, 2014.

The whole game started out of the concept, “why did the chicken cross the road?”.


The whole idea behind the game is as previous mentioned to get as far as possible up the road, river, grass and train tracks without getting hit.

The player mascots is moving according to how you corresponding direction on the phone screen.

There wil be obstacles such as rivers, boulders, trains and other things. So to get past the obstacles you will need to move quickly around. If you stand still in just a little while, a eagle will come catch you before getting further!


Coins are the ingame currency and with the solo use of buying random mascots in the lotto machine. Coins can only be obtained in the game while playing, watching advertisement or collecting one of the free gifts given in real-time bonus. These can be purchased from real money aswell.


With Crossy road cheats you’re able to generate unlimited Crossy Road coins within no time, and you will not need to farm anything.

You can unlock all the mascots you want, and there you will have no ideal use of the coins.

With this hack you’re able to turn up and down the speed aswell to set a nice record to show you friends afterwards.


Our partner released the Crossy road hack at their very own website, which you can find in any of the links in the text, or simply below here. Free

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